• Turn 60 to Fix


    Turn the body just 60 degrees & attached!!!

  • Clean & Neat Design

  • Clean & Utmost Performance

    Clean and utmost sticky performance.

    Using vacuum pad, the simplest way to organize all stuffs.

  • Organize your Daily Stuff

  • “Double” locking system

    Anyone can easily install through simple one touch method, and securely fixed by inner pad in the clamp.

  • Rust Free Stainless Shelf


Anyone can use easily the way of fixing, rotating simply 60 degrees.
No need nail or adhesive No need any complicated construction steps, adhesives or tools
Turn the body just 60 degrees & attached!!!
It cannot be anymore convenient than this!!!


One Touch Lock
Square Shelf 400/600 4Tier

Vacuum Pad Mini Hook O

Vacuum Pad
Hair Accessories Organizer 220

One Touch Lock Kitchen Square Shelf 800 2Tier

Window Flag
Station SS 500

DeHUB'S Main Features

DeHUB Home & Bath

using suction-fixing system without nail or adhesive, leaves no hole or stain on the wall where it has been used, and this gear for many uses can be fixed on glass or tile without special construction works. Far more up-graded product compared with conventional ones has his own unique structure to be fixed very strongly but so easily for anybody.

DeHUB Home & Kitchen

- Simple use by rotate just 60 degrees
- Powerful fixing by mechanical suction system
- No need for additional construction work
- Luxurious & elegant design
- Long-lasted fixing power


To supply the best living gears, DeHub team is continuously working for development for new products & up-grade for existing products. Watching at the clients position to discover the real needs, we have tried to make conveniences with reasonable prices, and we will produce the best products in the area over the world.


After attaching, it holds the air tightly and can even be covered with water. No problem when there is much moisture.

Decorate bathroom so cleanly as the feeling of construction on glass or tile.